Big win in Austria

April 28, 2019

Two gold medals won Isabella Yankova at the International Forum for Children and Young People in Mountain Biking Downhill in Zerfus Fiss Ladis (Austria). 14-year-old Yankova, who only competes for one year, managed to achieve remarkable results on the first day and, despite falling into her final downhill, gave her time 11 seconds faster than the second in the group. In the second start the Bulgarian left her opponents in more than 21 seconds.

Another favorite of the local representatives was from Isabela’s team-15-year-old Yordan Anchev, who last year won the race, but unfortunately this year failed to defend his title. Anchev scored 5th and 4th place, with only a few hundredths not reaching for the top three in the category of boys up to 17 years. Stefan Astadzhov and Ivan Kotzev were the other two of our bikers who joined the contested race among more than 300 of the best youngsters all over the world.